Angels' Acres - Pecatonica, Illinois - 2010
Photo by Scenic Concepts, Inc.

Welcome to Angels' Acres!

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The angel garden, pictured at the right, was built in 2000. It was 19 feet x 16 feet and by 2002 all its parts had reached maturity, except its face, a lilac bush.

I wanted to build more angel gardens and see unobstructed sunsets, so on December 21, 2002 (winter solstice) I moved from Chicago to Pecatonica, Illinois.

The first order of business though, was to build

1st Angel Garden
October 2002
Chicago, Illinois
Peace Labyrinth with Plants - July 8, 2011

Contact Information

Angels' Acres

7673 N. Pecatonica Road

Pecatonica, IL 61063

Phone: 815-218-5155

Fax: None


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